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Thomas Ricks, a fellow at the Center for a New American Security, went on the record in the opinion pages of the New York Times yesterday advocating for a reinstatement of the draft. Ricks offers 18-year-old Americans three options: 1) 18 months of military service with little pay but “excellent” benefits such as “free” college

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Unfortunately, I don’t really have time to get into much of a lengthy post on job creation tonight, but I did come across this video of Bob Murphy talking about “green jobs.” There’s some pretty significant overlap with some of what I’ve been discussing lately, so I thought I’d post the video here.

Paul Krugman

By now, most if not all have surely seen the “Paul vs. Paul” debate that took place on Bloomberg a few weeks ago, but if not I’ll post it here:     In a retrospective blog post on the debate, Krugman lamented the debate as “useless,” and explained that he participated solely in order to

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Return to Prosperity: Americans to Invest in Thingamajigs

Zero Hedge has posted this video of what it calls President Obama’s “latest bailout plan.”     Of course, President Obama’s comments here fall prey to the seemingly omnipresent Broken Window Fallacy, articulated by 18th century French theorist Frederic Bastiat and explained well by the Mises Institute’s Robert Murphy here. The crowd roars at the thought

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