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In a recent post, I mentioned that Franz Oppenheimer’s conquest theory of the genesis of the state seemed incomplete as it contained no mention whatsoever of trade. I also mentioned that I had not yet finished the book, and that …

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The following quote, taken from about a quarter of the way through Franz Oppenheimer’s The State, strongly reminds me of a famous passage from Rousseau’s Second Discourse. From Oppenheimer:   The moment when the first conqueror spared his victim in order permanently …

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According to Franz Oppenheimer, the state is generated in a series of six stages. One or more of these stages may be omitted and still allow for the genesis of a state, as Oppenheimer attests with aid of historical evidence …

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The Sexual Reproduction of the State

German physician-turned-sociologist Franz Oppenheimer describes the genesis of the state as akin to the biological act of sexual reproduction, in this fascinating and stunningly written passage from his classic The State:   The state, however, comes into being through sexual propagation. … Continue reading

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Franz Oppenheimer and the Conquest Theory of the State

Now that I’ve recently finished with my MCAT preparation, I am going to be returning to updating this blog full time. In the spirit of my return, I have made my way through the first half of Franz Oppenheimer’s The State. … Continue reading

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