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Mises, Hayek and Rothbard in JP&S

Danny Sanchez over at the Mises Institute’s Circle Bastiat blog finds Rothbard in the summer 2012 issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (online and available for download in .pdf format here ).

The piece is short (only two pages), but highlights a couple of interesting points concerning electronic medical records, health information technology, and the effects that their state-backing will have on private physicians and small hospitals. More importantly, though, the author (G. Keith Smith, M.D.) quotes Mises and Hayek, and cites Rothbard’s History of Money and Banking in the United States .

What I like about this (outside of the fact that these three together in the space of two pages of a major American medical journal) is that it reinforces the idea that health care really is no different from any other good, at least not in the ways that state power influences its provision. I also agree with Dr. Smith that much of the debate about the ACA tends to overstate the importance of that individual act.

I also appreciate the Hayek quote on Mises, which I hadn’t seen before:

At first we all felt he was frightfully exaggerating and even offensive in tone. You see, he hurt all our deepest feelings, but gradually he won us around…