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My column in the Chronicle this week deals with the rise of low-cost private schooling and its advantages over state-run education in India, Africa, and Pakistan. Also, you can find the paper I reference on these studies here. Tweet

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A great article in this week’s Chronicle, from a like-minded writer: “When I Say Capitalism,” by Michael Cook. Enjoy! Tweet

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I posted a few days ago that I’m embarking on quite a lengthy reading list, supplied to me by Dr. Walter Block, concerning the issue of free banking versus 100% reserve banking. Although I consider myself mostly within the “free …

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Walter Block, Fractional Reserve Banking, and Fraud

Last weekend, I attended several talks by Austrian economist Walter Block during my trip to New York City. I spoke to Block personally after one of these talks, to ask him for clarification regarding the idea that banks should have … Continue reading

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Human Action: Introduction

I have finally started on Ludwig von Mises’ famous tome, Human Action, which is certainly one of the most important books in the history of the Austrian school of economics. I can make no promises that progress will not be slow … Continue reading

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The Chronicle: OWS is the Cure that Kills its Patient

Here is my weekly column for the Duke University Chronicle. This week, I write about the anniversary of the OWS movement, and the ways in which the movement worked against liberty and toward increasing state power. Enjoy! Tweet

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I’m a couple days late on this one, but I’ve been traveling so bear with me. Paul Krugman posted about Ron Paul’s reaction to QE3 this past weekend. I think that his post, yet again, reveals that despite his biting criticisms …

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My weekly article in the Duke University Chronicle, dealing this week with the private Honduran cities I posted about this weekend. For those of you who read the post this weekend, there is some new information in this article, and …

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Honduras Sells Out: Three Cities to be Privately Run

I have woken up this morning to very interesting news. According to this Financial Times article, Honduras, which has the “highest murder rate in the world, an impoverished population, and political instability,” has decided to sell three of its cities to … Continue reading

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Aboriginal Canadians and the Public School System

Mike Reid has published a very interesting article, entitled “One Race to School Them All,” over at the Mises Institute’s website. I have become increasingly interested in the history of Indian and Native American peoples, since I think that these … Continue reading

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