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Stephan Kinsella Elaborates on Ayn Rand and IP

In a post I wrote a week ago , I criticized Ayn Rand for depicting state recall of patents as an injury to the property rights of the patent holder. At the time, I suggested that this was indicative of Rand’s confused approach to patents and IP in general, and linked to a column of mine as well as the extensive work of Stephan Kinsella.

Kinsella, in an article published both at the Libertarian Standard and the Center for the Study of Innovative Freedom , has picked up my post and pooled it with the responses of several other writers. He then takes a far more detailed approach to Ayn Rand’s confusion on the subject of intellectual property, and provides an extensive reading list of his own blog posts, speeches, and scholarly articles. He points to a number of logical and factual errors on the part of Rand, citing them even out of Atlas Shrugged directly.

The post is in-depth and informative; I’d recommend it to anyone interested in Rand, intellectual property, or libertarian approaches to property rights in general. I have to say that a lot of the Ayn Rand criticism out there is either ill-informed or unwarranted, but this is neither.