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Et Cetera (Libertarian Television Edition) – 26 September 2013

Paul Cantor writes about the anti-state, decentralist themes in AMC’s The Walking Dead. A truly wonderful look at the series, but be warned that there are some spoilers in this article.  The Schumpeter blog over at the Economist posts an equally … Continue reading

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Kubrick and the Nuclear Apocalypse

As I research next week’s column on the past nuclear mishaps of the United States and the potential for future accidental annihilation, I am reminded of Stanley Kubrick’s take on how Dr. Strangelove came to be a comedy. As I … Continue reading

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Mercatus Center: Financial Regulation Increased in Decade Leading up to Crisis

The Mercatus Center of George Washington University posted this graph, produced by Patrick McLaughlin and Robert Greene, to Twitter today: From a July 19th article that accompanied the graph: Total regulatory restrictions pertaining to the financial services sector grew every … Continue reading

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Earlier today, while I was eagerly awaiting the penultimate episode of Breaking Bad, I stumbled across a blog post on the subject from Glen Whitman of the Agoraphilia blog. Whitman takes issue with the argument–propagated through various memes as well …

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In 1961, a B-52 bomber carrying two Mark 39 nuclear bombs–each capable of creating an explosion 260 times as powerful as that of Hiroshima–broke apart in the air over North Carolina. The deadly payload onboard broke loose, and the two …

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A well written piece in The New York Times discusses the complex politics involved in trying to scientifically establish whether or not fetuses (especially those younger than 22 weeks) are able to feel pain. I don’t really know enough about this to …

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The New York Times has published an editorial today echoing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s accusation that House Republicans represent an anarchist movement within the United States government. Until now, the only House Republicans pushing for a government shutdown and …

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My column this week deals with Harry Reid’s comments about tea partiers and anarchists and explains how he demonstrates his fundamental misunderstanding of both. Enjoy! Tweet

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I’m usually not particularly interested in George Will, but this is actually a fairly interesting interview. Tweet

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This post is hardly as informative or intellectual as the title makes it sound. I’m writing a column this week on Senator Reid’s comment that anarchists have infiltrated Congress, and thought I’d post these two gems as some light weekend …

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