Et Cetera (Libertarian Television Edition) – 26 September 2013

  • Paul Cantor writes about the anti-state, decentralist themes in AMC’s The Walking Dead . A truly wonderful look at the series, but be warned that there are some spoilers in this article.
  • The Schumpeter blog over at the Economist posts an equally intriguing take on the business school lessons presented in AMC’s Breaking Bad .
  • Moving away from AMC, I’ve just started the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black , which I recommend quite highly (see this article by Jeffrey Tucker from about a month ago on the libertarian themes of that series). It’s worth noting that two of the recent Netflix originals–OISTNB and House of Cards –exhibit a strong distrust of the state and especially two of its most entrenched systems: prisons and Congress. I don’t think this necessarily reflects the views of whoever’s making programming decisions for Netflix. It could just be a coincidence. If I had to find an explanation, though, I’d say that quality art tends to reflect a growing or leading edge sentiment of the times, and the wild popularity of these two series could possibly be an indication of the new atmosphere of skepticism around the federal government. Then again, I tend to notice libertarian themes in everything I watch, so maybe it’s just me.
  • Moving away from television, the state now hopes to police Yelp reviews.
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