Caricaturing the Religious Opt-Out for the Affordable Care Act

Literally, that is. I came across this political cartoon from Politico’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Matt Wuerker on Twitter this evening:

BbJfV3ZCYAAk2y8 I think it’s clear from the cartoon alone but, based on the Twitter buzz, I’m fairly confident that this cartoon is meant as an indictment of those looking for religious exclusion from the stipulations of the Affordable Care Act.

And that’s certainly one way of looking at the problem, as well as at the cartoon. But to me, the first thing that popped into my head when I saw this was, “Exactly! That’s the problem with employer-based health insurance!” (Well, not necessarily the problem–the primary problem is probably economic–but certainly a problem). Anyway, if you bend your neck a little bit, it’s easy to see how this cartoon will probably read two different ways: 1) those in favor of the ACA and/or employer-sponsored coverage will appreciate how it articulates a case against requirement exclusions on the basis of religion; or, 2) those against the ACA or employer-sponsored coverage will appreciate how it articulates a case for placing health insurance more firmly within the realm of the individual beneficiary.

I’m a bit pressed for time at the moment but, if my schedule permits, I’ll attempt to post a little more about the problems with employer-sponsored health insurance later this week.

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