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Et Cetera – 25 January 2014

Michael Munger, in a response to James Stoner, distinguishes between “voluntary” and “euvoluntary” exchanges, and argues that government should allow them both. He also extends Stoner’s insight that men and women do not always behave morally in markets to the … Continue reading

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Patrick Kennedy Misses the Mark on Marijuana Legalization

Earlier this week, former Representative Patrick Kennedy argued on MSNBC’s Hardball that President Obama’s comments on marijuana legalization reflect a misunderstanding of the issue that marijuana use represents. Specifically, Kennedy claimed, the president’s idea that the plant is less harmful … Continue reading

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The Oxfam Statistic is Only a Starting Point

A recent analysis by Oxfam, an international organization aimed at reducing poverty levels throughout the developing world, has calculated that the 85 wealthiest individuals own as much wealth as the 3.5 billion poorest individuals. The report has understandably met with … Continue reading

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Milton Friedman Predicts the Rise of Bitcoin

I’ve seen this video making the rounds on Twitter and in the blogosphere recently: Of course, there’s been a lot of talk about Bitcoin in general. I’m no expert, and I’m not comfortable coming out one way or the other … Continue reading

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Are You Sure You Want to Purchase Bad Debt?

A funny screen shot I took earlier today, when trying to buy Hiss Golden Messenger’s Bad Debt on iTunes. Brings back memories of the financial crisis a few years ago.   Also, to answer Apple’s question, yes. I’ve only listened … Continue reading

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The Chronicle: But Who Will Block the Roads?

My Chronicle column this week, on the Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal and the privatization of roads and highways. Enjoy! Tweet

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“Conflict of Interest” Isn’t a Counterargument

Drug discovery guru Derek Lowe over at the In the Pipeline blog discusses a debate in the British Medical Journal surrounding whether or not academic journals should continue to publish research that has been funded by drug companies. One of … Continue reading

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Another Quote: William C. Wooldridge on the Telephones

I came across this lengthy but worth-it quote, as I was researching my latest column, in Walter Block’s The Privatization of Roads and Highways: Several years ago I was a student at St. Andrews University in Scotland, and I found that … Continue reading

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My Favorite Quote from Friedrich Hayek

I stumbled across this one again just a few moments ago, taken from Hayek’s 1974 Nobel Prize acceptance speech: I confess that I prefer true but imperfect knowledge, even if it leaves much indetermined and unpredictable, to a pretence of … Continue reading

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Thinking Outside of the Box on Climate Change Solutions

Over the weekend, Mike Sandler published a column in the Huffington Post arguing that Janet Yellen, who has since been confirmed as the next Chair of the Fed, should try to use her newfound influence to impact, of all things, … Continue reading

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