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How Does the ACA Handle Premium Surcharges for Smokers?

Janet Weiner, Associate Director of Health Policy at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at Penn, posted a useful little article today on how the Affordable Care Act will deal with premium surcharges for smokers. I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Who to Blame for the ACA (or, specifically, its glitches)?

In the days since the botched rollout of the ACA’s federal online health exchanges, HHS and the Obama administration have quite obviously received more than a little bad press. Recently, though, some government officials have started pushing back, and are … Continue reading

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Media, Misinformation, and the Affordable Care Act

First, it was Chad Henderson, the famous Obamacare enrollee who, it turned out, was not an Obamacare enrollee. Now it’s Sean Hannity’s guests, Obamacare victims who, it turns out, almost cannot possibly be victims of the health care reform. Look, … Continue reading

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Online Exchange Glitches Aren’t the Problem with Obamacare

It’s still unclear how many people have successfully enrolled in Obamacare at this point, and much has been made over the crippling glitches that the federal government’s online exchange has experienced. At first, it looked like those hiccups were simply … Continue reading

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On the final track of Yeezus, Kanye West raps that a woman he’s just met at a club “rock Forever 21 but just turned thirty.” This week, though, 196 of Forever 21′s U.S. employees actually took a big step in the …

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Two articles from the Chronicle today worth reading. The first comes from Jonathan Zhao, and describes some of the many problems with “equal pay” schemes. It is called “Equal Pay is Anti-Feminist,” and it dovetails nicely with some points I made …

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By now, many Americans are well familiar with President Obama’s promise to the American people concerning the implementation of his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) or, more derisively, “Obamacare.”   No matter how we reform health care, we …

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