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The Chronicle: Socialist in Seattle

This week’s Chronicle column, just in time for Thanksgiving, is about socialist Seattle councilwoman Kshama Sawant’s attempt to induce Boeing machinists to stage a violent takeover of the aerospace company’s Puget Sound area factories. Enjoy! Tweet

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For those of you following either my blog or the Duke Chronicle, so-called “equal pay” has been big in the news over the past two weeks. A couple of notes on the subject. First of all, Elena Botella’s “Women and …

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Another Chronicle columnist chimes in on last week’s “Equal Pay is Anti-feminist,” with an article entitled “Women and Wheelbarrows.” Although this column is well-written, I think it totally misses the point. The column is arguing that there is a tendency …

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Only Obama

A strong column from a fellow Chronicle columnist this morning: Only Obama Could Spy, Torture, and Assassinate. My first column of the semester will appear on Wednesday. This semester, I will be following a sort of “syllabus” I wrote up, … Continue reading

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The Chronicle: Jury Nullification in America

My column in this week’s Chronicle deals with the history and resurgence of jury nullification in America. It actually ran in the paper yesterday, but I’ve been busy so I’m just posting it now. Better late than never, though, I … Continue reading

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A great article in this week’s Chronicle, from a like-minded writer: “When I Say Capitalism,” by Michael Cook. Enjoy! Tweet

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My weekly article in the Duke University Chronicle, dealing this week with the private Honduran cities I posted about this weekend. For those of you who read the post this weekend, there is some new information in this article, and …

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