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Stephan Kinsella Elaborates on Ayn Rand and IP

In a post I wrote a week ago, I criticized Ayn Rand for depicting state recall of patents as an injury to the property rights of the patent holder. At the time, I suggested that this was indicative of Rand’s confused approach to patents and IP in general, and linked to a column of mine

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Atlas Shrugged Part II: Hank Rearden Confuses his Principles

I just this afternoon went to see the second installment in the Atlas Shrugged series. With double the budget of the opening film, this one was a little less poorly executed than its predecessor–the entirely new cast was a little better, the dialogue was a little less stilted, the story was a little more coherent–but, as far

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Every Wednesday for the next year, I will be publishing a column in my alma mater’s daily independent newspaper, the Duke University Chronicle. Today’s article, entitled Apple and Intellectual Property, deals with Apple’s recent lawsuit against Samsung, and the complications inherent in the idea of intellectual property itself. Enjoy!