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The Chronicle: Who’s Afraid of Health Reform

My column in the Chronicle this week, about how the left’s fear of health insurance rescissions and the right’s fear of “death panels” both reflect concerns over endowing impersonal bureaucracies with extensive decision-making power. Enjoy! Tweet

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Is All Opposition to Obamacare Just Political Posturing?

In today’s New York Times, Paul Krugman echoes a sentiment that other supporters of the Affordable Care Act have been ramping up in the past several weeks: that the ACA is starting to look like it’s going to work, and … Continue reading

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Okay, so this post is probably not entirely fair (and not entirely substantive, either), but I couldn’t help myself. I just came across Paul Krugman’s NYT column for tomorrow and, while I’m not going to address any of the claims …

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I’ve been hesitant to jump wholeheartedly into the Bitcoin debate because, unlike a lot of commenters, I’m not sure I fully understand Bitcoin, its role as a medium of exchange (or not), and how this entire thing is going to …

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Robert Higgs is frequently referenced for his idea of “regime uncertainty,” which is the notion that economic recoveries can be retarded by a lack of confidence on the part of the investing class in the presiding government. If the investors …

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It’s always seemed to me to be almost a fact of nature that entities successful at a given thing flounder once they try to expand past that thing. I see this in empires, businesses (I think this is what will …

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Paul Krugman posts that it’s silly to hold Switzerland up as a paragon of the free market in health care, since (a) elements of the Swiss health industry mimic Obamacare, and (b) Switzerland has the second highest health care cost …

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More on the Minimum Wage

Bob Murphy says it all. I am still in a mild state of shock that so many professional economists apparently doubt that demand curves slope downward. I admit upfront that I have not spent more than an hour or so … Continue reading

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Krugman’s Minimum Wage Blunder

Apologies for not posting over the weekend; I was traveling. I wanted to touch real quickly on a major problem with Paul Krugman’s column today, “Raise that Wage.” Honestly, the column is chock-full of problems–for more on that, see Bill Anderson’s … Continue reading

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Mark Thornton calls fear of deflation “apoplithorismosphobia,” and Robert Blumen has some questions for outspoken apoplithorismosphobes. Why do falling prices make people expect falling prices? The observation that prices are falling, means that in the recent past, prices have fallen. One person noticing …

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