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Sorry for the all of my absences lately. Between putting together papers for submission at the lab and traveling for Thanksgiving (without my laptop), I have been super busy lately. It looks–knock on wood–like I’ll have a decent amount of free time in the coming month, though, so I hope to get back to posting

Gas Rationing, Price Systems, and Crisis Response (to come)

Apologies for not posting much in the past week. Working late and preparing for a biochemistry exam kept me from the blog for a bit. Based on the positive feedback I got on the series format I used for my posts on the FDIC and trade sanctions, I’m thinking that I may move toward continuing

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What induced Marx to invent his ideology-doctrine was the wish to sap the prestige of economics. He was fully aware of his impotence to refute the objections raised by the economists to the practicability of the socialist schemes. In fact he was so fascinated by the theoretical system of British classical economics that he

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The Mises Institute has recently posted this fantastic quote from Ludwig von Mises himself on their Facebook page:   To choose is to pick one out of two or more possible modes of conduct and to set aside the alternatives. Whenever a human being is in a situation in which various modes of behavior, precluding

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In keeping with the theme of the week and preparing for the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act (likely due out this coming Thursday), I’ve decided to post a couple of articles today that deal with the problems of economic calculation that plague our health industry (and which are, in my opinion, largely

A friend sent me this fantastic piece from Ron Paul on the influence of Ludwig von Mises on his political career. A couple of favorite quotes:   It is only with full assurance gained from Austrian economics, and the example of Mises’s character, that I am able to tolerate the daily circus of Congress.  I

Mises, Hayek and Rothbard in JP&S

Danny Sanchez over at the Mises Institute’s Circle Bastiat blog finds Rothbard in the summer 2012 issue of the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons (online and available for download in .pdf format here). The piece is short (only two pages), but highlights a couple of interesting points concerning electronic medical records, health information technology,

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