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More on Medicare vs. Private Insurance

Last night, I posted on a study that appeared in Health Affairs last month showing that Medicare patients typically receive a lower quality of care within hospitals than privately insured counterparts. I now have access to the study, so I’m going to … Continue reading

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I came across these videos while I was researching my column this week, which will deal with Paul Krugman’s complicated suggestion that Medicaid is simply “cheaper” than private insurance, and that expanding public insurance is an “obvious” solution to our …

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It’s always seemed to me to be almost a fact of nature that entities successful at a given thing flounder once they try to expand past that thing. I see this in empires, businesses (I think this is what will …

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Are the Secession Petitioners Hypocrites?

No matter how you feel about those signing secession petitions around the nation–and no matter the reason, either justified or unjustified, for which they might do so–I think that it’s important to keep critics honest. It’s valid, to me, to … Continue reading

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Paul Krugman’s column today in The New York Times deals with Paul Ryan’s plans for Medicare and the rest of the health care system. I used to be more familiar with the PCA, which I believe Ryan’s plan is based off of, …

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Paul Krugman has posted a piece about a Republican plan to voucherize Medicare. I am unfamiliar with this plan, so I really can’t comment on the specifics of either it, or Krugman’s analysis. One line, however, jumps out at me. …

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