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Mark Thornton calls fear of deflation “apoplithorismosphobia,” and Robert Blumen has some questions for outspoken apoplithorismosphobes. Why do falling prices make people expect falling prices? The observation that prices are falling, means that in the recent past, prices have fallen. One person noticing …

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Lately, I’ve been scouring the Mises Institute’s iTunes U page for their free podcasts, lectures, and books-on-tape. I have come across a series of lectures by historian Tom Woods (author of Nullification, Meltdown, and Rollback) on American history entitled “The Truth about …

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Aboriginal Canadians and the Public School System

Mike Reid has published a very interesting article, entitled “One Race to School Them All,” over at the Mises Institute’s website. I have become increasingly interested in the history of Indian and Native American peoples, since I think that these … Continue reading

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Two Fantastic Articles from the Mises Institute Online

In the past two days, the Mises Institute online has published two of their best daily articles that I have seen in a long time. The first article, entitled “Anarchy in the Aachen” by Peter C. Earle, deals with a … Continue reading

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Etienne de la Boetie and the Sweetness of Liberty

I apologize for my sparse posting this week. I have been moving into a new apartment in a new city, and have run into all kinds of unforeseen delays and problems. I’ve also been spending some time on my review … Continue reading

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The Mises Institute: Why ObamaCare Will Fail

In response to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, the Mises Institute has just put out a reading list entitled Why ObamaCare Will Fail. I have yet to take a good look at any of … Continue reading

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In keeping with the theme of the week and preparing for the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act (likely due out this coming Thursday), I’ve decided to post a couple of articles today that deal with the problems …

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Check out my Mises Daily article on North Carolina’s marriage amendment and Hoppe’s secession solution right here. The article was based on and expanded from a piece I put together for Duke University’s Chronicle last month, and I will repost …

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Roderick T. Long posted this link in the discussion forum of this Mises Daily article by Brian LaSorsa yesterday. The article, which is only about a page long, discusses the mechanism by which a university might come to be in a stateless …

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Sean Rosenthal counters rational expectation arguments against the Austrian Business Cycle Theory (ABCT) in his very instructive Mises Daily article this morning. Read the piece, entitled “When Anticipation Makes Things Worse,” here. Rosenthal first explains the rational expectation theory, which more …

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