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From Sylvestor Petro’s 1957 The Labor Policy of the Free Society:    If a society pursues deliberately a policy of inflation, and at the same time professes to be seriously preoccupied with the problems of its old members, one must doubt either the good sense or the honesty of that society… Those who find “nothing dangerous”

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Paul Krugman put out a couple of pieces of writing today–a column and a blog post–that I’d like to address, mainly because I think they do a good job of illustrating some of the difficulties that I tend to have with his writing. First, the column. Entitled “The Twinkie Manifesto,” the column actually focuses more

I’m a couple days late on this one, but I’ve been traveling so bear with me. Paul Krugman posted about Ron Paul’s reaction to QE3 this past weekend. I think that his post, yet again, reveals that despite his biting criticisms of the Austrian School, his analysis really suffers from a lack of familiarity with it.

Paul Krugman’s column today in The New York Times deals with Paul Ryan’s plans for Medicare and the rest of the health care system. I used to be more familiar with the PCA, which I believe Ryan’s plan is based off of, but I haven’t really taken much of a look at Ryan’s plan itself. My problems

Paul Krugman has posted a piece about a Republican plan to voucherize Medicare. I am unfamiliar with this plan, so I really can’t comment on the specifics of either it, or Krugman’s analysis. One line, however, jumps out at me.   Bear in mind that health expenses will still have to be mainly paid for

This video (courtesy of Zero Hedge and Economic Thought) has been making the rounds lately, but I thought I’d repost it here for good measure:     Schwartz touches on a lot of criticisms I’ve made of Krugman here in the past, and I think that he is dead on about a lot of this. I also

Taking a quick break from my recording of Robert Murphy’s Anatomy of the Fed lecture this week to take a look at this Krugman post from earlier this morning. I’m most interested in the second paragraph of the post, which reads as follows:   And this means that Bain’s activities are part of the really

An editorial in the New York Times by opinion writer Gail Collins was brought to my attention earlier this week. “Political Private Practice,” as it is called, deals with the privatization of different government services and, as the author herself claims, was inspired by an earlier series on the privatization of New Jersey’s prison system.

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Several media outlets have already called Paul Krugman out for his Monday afternoon blog post, in which he declared that his 2010 arguments against austerity in Europe have been overwhelmingly validated:   Intellectually it was, I think I can say without false modesty, a huge win. I (and those of like mind) have been right

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Krugman by the Numbers — Is Greece Really the Hardest Working County in Europe?

In his column this morning, New York Times opinion writer Paul Krugman makes an argument for Greece as a harder working country than Europe. In general, this claim seems a little bit messy and difficult to substantiate by any metric, but the way Krugman does it is surprisingly careless.   The Greeks aren’t lazy–on the

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