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Are Trade Sanctions Ever Worth It: Part IV

Ron Paul on trade sanctions as an act of war:

I’m a couple days late on this one, but I’ve been traveling so bear with me. Paul Krugman posted about Ron Paul’s reaction to QE3 this past weekend. I think that his post, yet again, reveals that despite his biting criticisms of the Austrian School, his analysis really suffers from a lack of familiarity with it.

Atul Gawande has written an interesting and thought-provoking piece for the New Yorker on the cost-control potential of mass produced medicine. The piece, entitled “Big Med,” compares the growth of health systems such as Partners Healthcare, CareGroup, and the Steward Health Care System–which essentially operate a number of client hospitals–to the streamlined efficiency of restaurant

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Preparing for SCOTUS on the Affordable Care Act

It seems likely now that the Supreme Court will rule on President Obama’s healthcare reform bill, the Affordable Care Act, on Thursday of this week. I have complicated opinions about what a ruling in either direction will actually mean for the health industry (philosophically–and not practically–speaking), so I will wait to share those until the

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A friend sent me this fantastic piece from Ron Paul on the influence of Ludwig von Mises on his political career. A couple of favorite quotes:   It is only with full assurance gained from Austrian economics, and the example of Mises’s character, that I am able to tolerate the daily circus of Congress.  I

The Austrians are making it too easy. Peter C. Earle takes a look at Paul Krugman’s claim, made in the “Paul vs. Paul” debate on Bloomberg with Dr. Ron Paul (mentioned in several of my posts below), that he is not a defender of the economic policies of emperor Diocletian. Read the Mises Daily article

Paul Krugman

By now, most if not all have surely seen the “Paul vs. Paul” debate that took place on Bloomberg a few weeks ago, but if not I’ll post it here:     In a retrospective blog post on the debate, Krugman lamented the debate as “useless,” and explained that he participated solely in order to

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Ron Paul in the Cato Journal’s Spring/Summer Issue

Ron Paul’s “Why Monetary Freedom Matters” appears in the Cato Journal’s spring/summer issue. Paul discusses his excitement at college campus enthusiasm for monetary freedom, citing a 2007 rally in Michigan as an example of progress being made. It seems to me that another mark of progress comes in this paper, from a candidate for president

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