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The Chronicle: Economic Sanctions Are An Act of War

My column in this week’s Chronicle, on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney’s position on sanctions on Iran. Edit: Sorry, forgot to post the link. Here it is.

Are Trade Sanctions Ever Worth It: Part III

In tonight’s post, I’d like to focus on the role that trade sanctions played in the U.S. involvement in WWII. In so doing, I’m going to probably hew more closely to the historical rather than the analytical, but I will do some sheer praxeological analysis of sanctions later on in the week. I think that,

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Are Trade Sanctions Ever Worth It: Part II

In researching American sanctions against Japan prior to World War II, I was taken by John Denson’s essay “Roosevelt and the First Shot: A Study of Deceit and Deception” all the way back to the First World War. Denson argues in his essay that a proper understanding of WWII requires a recognition of the role

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