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The Chronicle: And the Winner Is…

Here’s my article in this week’s Chronicle, written about our new President-elect before we even knew which candidate it was. Apologies for not posting this week, I’ve been super busy. Planning to get into some good stuff come the weekend, though!

The Chronicle: The Problem of Representative Democracy

Check out my weekly column in Duke University’s Chronicle. This week is on the problems with representative democracy, and how it solves none of the problems of direct democracy. It should be especially relevant on a night like tonight!

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My column in the Chronicle this week deals with the rise of low-cost private schooling and its advantages over state-run education in India, Africa, and Pakistan. Also, you can find the paper I reference on these studies here.

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The Chronicle: OWS is the Cure that Kills its Patient

Here is my weekly column for the Duke University Chronicle. This week, I write about the anniversary of the OWS movement, and the ways in which the movement worked against liberty and toward increasing state power. Enjoy!

Every Wednesday for the next year, I will be publishing a column in my alma mater’s daily independent newspaper, the Duke University Chronicle. Today’s article, entitled Apple and Intellectual Property, deals with Apple’s recent lawsuit against Samsung, and the complications inherent in the idea of intellectual property itself. Enjoy!